To: Friends in Civil Society, and Concerned Citizens


Date: May 9, 2001

Subject: Fact Sheet on Electricity and the Mollejon and Chalillo Dams

As you may know, for about two years now BACONGO has been working on educating the public on the issue of the proposed Chalillo Dam. As we conducted our preliminary analysis of the project, we came across certain information and facts that pushed BACONGO into launching a full-scale advocacy campaign in relation to this project. The organization has invested quite a bit of resources - human and financial - in first educating ourselves on the issue and subsequently carrying out several independent analyses of the few project information released by the proponents - Fortis/BEL.
To date, BEL continues to refuse complete access to ALL the pertinent information in regards to this project. Most recently at an Economics class presentation at St. John's Sixth Form, Fortis/BEL's engineer Mr. Joseph Sukhnandan explained BEL's refusal by saying that it is none of the public's business and some information has to be kept confidential. We, at BACONGO find those kinds of actions and thinking to be intolerable.

Over the last few months, our organization has acquired the valuable assistance of a former BEL engineer. Mr. Ambrose Tillett has spent a great deal of time, freely explaining the issue to our membership. As a result of that collaboration and tedious document-searches, we have been able to produce a fact sheet on Belize's electricity supply and the Mollejon and Chalillo Dams. We have enclosed copies of the fact sheet for you to share with your organization members, board of directors and friends.

We hope you will assist us in circulating the information to probe thought on this issue of economic, development and environmental importance. We thank you for your kind assistance.