Belize and Belizeans Fate are in Your Hands


On behalf of Belizeans living in Dallas, TX, I want to congratulate you, Chairman, and all the team members of National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) to be selected to decide the fate of the Chalillo Dam. This issue has been long over due, and all Belizeans are anxiously waiting on it's outcome. We are so happy that all of you are 100% Belizeans and we know that you are all capable of deciding the best for the country of Belize and it's people. As you are aware, Belize is blessed with such rich natural resources, like it's pristine rain forest, clean, flowing rivers, and unique and extinct animals like the tapirs and the scarlet macaws, crocodiles, and many more. We are blessed!.

I still applaud the Government of Belize in signing the Debt-for-Nature-Swap between Belize and United States of America. Thisis to show the world that we care and recognize the natural wonders of our country, including all our tropical rain forests, and that we will protect it all the way. I still echo Mr. Maheia (TIDE Executive Director) in saying that "we are grateful for the trust and support that the people of the United States and friends with the The Nature Conservancy have given to TIDE and the other conservation organizations in Belize . Our Government recognizes the jewel that our country has, and the economic value it brings with it, and we, Belizeans know that this team of intelligent Belizeans will recognize it too. To keep Belize as one of the tourist attractions, we need to keep our tropical forest intact and untouched. We do not need a hydroelectric dam, proposed Chalillo Dam, to destroy this for us. Fortis Inc, from Canada, cannot appreciate or recognize our beauty, because they do not live here and they are not Belizeans to love our country and know what is best for us. Fortis builds dams; dams bring money in for Fortis. Can't we see that the dam is only a 'money thing', not the well-being for Belizeans and Belize.

The whole world knows Belize as "Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret". Let's keep it that way, please, and tell Fortis to Forget it! Tell Fortis " to STOP THE DAM, and this will STOP THE DAMage to our forest, rivers and animals. The whole world is watching. Don't let the world scorn us and laugh at us for not recognizing our "precious jewel."

Thank you. We, Belizeans in the United States are praying that you gain strength, wisdom and courage to stand up and tell the world that "WE WILL STOP THE DAM, BECAUSE WE LOVE BELIZE AND IT'S PEOPLE."


Emmy Garcia