Coastal Community Radio: FM 95.7

The Coastal Community Radio station is hosting an Open House at the Burnt Islands Town Hall on May 15. The event will be broadcast locally at FM 95.7 and simultaneously webcast. Segments of the broadcast will be archived. Stay tuned.

To access the webcast, open QuickTime and file/open/url:

The webcast is MP4. Click here to links to a free QuickTime download.

To call in to the broadcast: 709-698-3553.

Please note that we will be webcasting audio compressed so it can be received by dialup modems. Nevertheless, think of the webcast as a theatre with a limited number of seats. Link now from here (before the simulcast) for information on phone numbers, VOIP , listening to the webcast and downloading QuickTime.

Burnt Islands official website.

Burnt Islands Community Media Workshops.

Link to practical tips on implementing an FM Community Radio Special Event.

More information about Ryakuga Community Radio Projects.

Thanks to the Victoria Free Net.