2007 Burnt Islands Community Media Workshops

The Burnt Islands Sharing Our Future Community Media Youth project begins its fifth phase in 2007.

Vicki Harris is coordinator and the community media interns are Stacey Hatcher from Burnt Islands; Jasmine Hann from Isle-Aux-Morts; Lesley Hardy from Rose Blanche; Cavell Hatcher from Isle - Aux - Morts, and Troy Hatcher from Burnt Islands.

The workshops are typically facilitated on a weekend. However, each workshop requires preparation and followup activity, both by the community group and the facilitator. It is expected that each workshop will include a community media event.

This series of workshops focuses on the transference of skills to the youth participants. Specific skill sets will extracted from the content areas. Tests will be prepared and students will receive community media certificates for each skill mastered.

The local coordinator will also report on the participation of the youth.

The workshops will emphasize the interaction of the youth with the community. Regular community media programming is important. In addition, the workshops will be consistent with the community interest in local history encouraged by the new interpretation centre. Youth participants will be taught interview skills and asked to collect stories using audio-visual equipment.

Mixed Media in Burnt Islands:

1. Desktop publishing - newsletter, posters, brochures.

2. Community radio.

3. Community theatre.

3. Community television (including announcements and photos).

4. Video/DVD production.

5. Website.

Note: The facilitation of these workshops will continue to examine the sustainability of the program, as well as liaison with educational institutions such as the College of the North Atlantic and Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.

Click to see online workshop tutorials focusing on how community media groups can raise funds by producing videos for profit.

Online workshop tutorials on preparing and implementing an FM radio special event project.