Youth from all over southwestern Newfoundland are coming to Stephenville on Dec. 1 for Youth, the Environment and the Economy: An Interactive Event for Youth.

And. according to Tom Hutchings, youth from across the province and around the world are going to be able to participate as well.

Hutchings, executive director with the Long Range Regional Economic Development Board, says the event will not only be live on Channel 9 but it's live on the Internet as well. According to Hutchings, youth from Ireland have already been contacted about the event.

He says youth participants will be using a Webcam to upload images and stories to a web site and there will be an Internet chat board which will allow youth, who can't make it to the event, to discuss the issues.

About 150 youth are expected to be at the Lion's Club next for a full day of learning about and discussing environmental issues and the economy.

Bruce Gilbert of the Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador says youth will be working in small groups to explore the issues in their own communities. Another big topic, he says, will be protecting the environment and creating jobs - can they go together?

Beverley Kirby, director of the Community Education Network, says facilitators from Sharing Our Future and Communities In Schools (CIS), will also be on hand to help coordinate the event.

There are also workshops on group facilitation, popular theatre, community television and virtual conference for a limited number of youth participants on Thursday.

The event will also be broadcast on television with internet links at with links to the web discussion board.

The youth conference is sponsored by the zone board; Community Education Network; Communities In Schools Newfoundland; Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador; Community Youth Network Newfoundland; Sharing Our Future; FINALLY; Stephenville Lions, and Ryakuga Grassroots Communications.

The venue is provided by Stephenville Lions; cable access by Regional Cable, and equipment/internet access by Ryakuga.