OXI/No Means No is a response to the referendum called by the Greek government on July 5, 2015. As Bob Marley said: Speak out. Talk back. Say something.
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Grassroots Participatory Communication = An Essential Component of Community Education was originally written in 1994. It refects on the evolution of participatory communication in Newfoundland and focuses on the experience of the 1993 Port au Port Community Education Initiative community television forums.

Resettlement is Government Policy was written in 1996 for WUSC's Community Involvement: Pathway to Sustainability: 1996-1997 WUSC Development Education Kit. An abridged version of the document was also and offered as a Communication for Survival presentation to the global conference of Videazimut in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It may be perceived as a companion piece to the CFS video - Say No to Resettlement. The topic of this rant is perhaps even more timely today as the province faces "youth out-migration."

Don't Trust Slick was written in 1997. It's interesting that the development of software based, "firewire" editing has since catalysed web-based microcinema and even invaded the corporate world of consumer films. What it means for alternate community based videomakers is no longer do we have to be silenced by lack of tied funding. In 2000 a documentary created by Ryakuga (working collaboratively) was shown on national television in Canada.

Programmed Minds and Participatory Democracy was written as a participatory communications report to the Youth for Social Justice Network in 1997.

Promote Learning - Not Teaching describes Ryakuga pedagogy and focuses on the four stages of participatory communications training.

Cultural Retrieval addresses the importance of culture in the participatory communications work of Ryakuga. We first learned about cultural retrieval from the Garifuna of Belize in 1989. The video of that experience is now available on the internet. Also related papers by Dr. Joseph Palacio of Belize are now in the "Ryakuga Library."