1. Network 11 Unconference Description

October 20, to October 23, 7 a.m.,

Norris Point, NL

Participants at the Network 11 Unconference have created a provincial network of community communications practitioners.

Plans were also initiated for Network 12 on Bell Island.

Network 11 was a participatory communications networking event hosted by the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital (Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Center), the Voice of Bonne Bay (VOBB), and the Bonne Bay Marine Station.

Everybody who attended the event was an active participant - all participants were asked to provide input on the schedule, mini workshops and mini sessions. At the beginning of the event participants signed on to self managing collectives or committees.

The format for the networking unconference was a community radio special event. Community radio groups were asked to bring examples of their programs and to participate in the community radio event.

The purpose of Network 11 was to support the initiation of an informal network of community groups interested in communication - specifically (but not exclusively) community radio enhanced by internet tools - that is - mixed media. The NL Rural Secretariat facilitated two deliberative dialogue sessions on networking and communications.

Mini sessions proposed for the event included Volunteers; Engaging youth; Community focused panel discussions; Community radio station application process; Funding or fund raising?, and Programming.

Proposed mini-workshops included Skype; Facebook; Remote broadcasts\webcasting; community interviews/flash recorders; From cassettes to edited computer audio; Photography/websites, and on air hosting.

During the October unconference Bonne Bay Search and Rescue hosted a Harvest Festival and participants supported a Saturday Night Music Concert to benefit the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital Heritage Corporation.

It is hoped that participants' networking at the unconference will support the development of a vehicle for participatory communication processes designed to facilitate community development and community based research.

Community networking and sharing could help grow a culture which promotes collaboration, citizen engagement and self help.

The basic principles of participatory communications are all the voices; collaboration; inclusion; cultural celebration; positive mirroring, and youth engagement.

Food was also a focus of the unconference as participants cooked together utilizing local ingredients, such as salt fish from Fogo Island and Bonne Bay produce.

Network 11 was supported by the provincial Rural Secretariat, Memorial University Grenfell Campus and the Red Ochre zone board.

2. Network 12 at Radio Bell Island:

There was no funding for participants to come to Bell Island - although Mallary McGrath came to the event. Skype-ins formed much of the Network 12 programming with participants from as far away as Argentina : ) A lot of the discussion focused on Radio Bell Island's aim to create a permanent radio station - which it did in 2013.

3. Network 13 at CU Expo in Corner Brook:

CU Expo was a Canadian-led international conference designed to share the best practices in community-university partnerships worldwide, and to create opportunities for innovative and successful collaboration and engagement which strengthen our communities. This community-university conference, was hosted by the City of Corner Brook and Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland and supported by the Rural Secretariat.

Network 13 was supported by the Rural Secretariat (with travel assistance from Grenfell) and hosted by BOIR (Bay of Islands Radio).

The purpose of Network 13 was "to design a process that will incorporate into CU Expo a number of interrelated communication activities and technologies currently being employed by the Rural Secretariat, with a view to: enhancing the capacity of participants to utilize them effectively in the future; demonstrating to participants, partners and observers the critical value of such activities and technologies for informing, educating, engaging and mobilizing various publics across great distances; showcasing best practices and notable efforts from other jurisdictions; and celebrating past and present community- and regionally-based initiatives from Newfoundland and Labrador including those of the Rural Secretariat and its partners."

Anita Best from VOBB, Kelly Russell from Radio Bell Island, and Ivan Emke from BOIR played pivotal roles in the event with technical assistance provided by Nicole Neary of Radio Bell Island. Clem and Lillian Dwyer and Bernadette Dwyer from Fogo Island also participated along with Rural Secretariat and BOIR staff. Mallary McGrath from Cape Shore Radio and Jacinta McGrath from Southern Shore Sounds also participated by teleconference and skype-in.

Minutes from the 2013 Network meeting:

The group resolved to find a way to share programs. The best way seemed to investigate the National Campus and Community Radio Association Program Exchange -

VOBB is already a member of NCRA.

The possibility of hosting streaming in NL by buying as a group from Bell was also discussed.

Also discussed was the need for more volunteers as well as training for volunteers. Andrew Abbass described a simple audio software -

The group discussed getting more participants for the Network. Southern Shore Sounds is actively pursuing a community radio licence; prior to the network meeting Kelly - during an on air Skype program - advised Jacinta McGrath of the Southern Shore about the application process. Southern Shore Sounds is the latest member of the network.

Network 14 in Conche:

October 25: The Network 14 Hour with Mallary, Ivan and Fred featured
a discussion of the importance of community participation in community based
radio with Charlene Gagnon from the Uniacke Centre for Community Development
and Anita Best/Gary Wilton from VOBB - and recorded
interviews with Erin McKee.

Stay tuned for the Conche Kitchen Party tonight!

October 24: The Network 14 Hour with Mallary, Ivan and Fred features
Victoria Bailey from Fogo Island and Mark Leclair of Farm Radio
International - and recorded interviews with Godfrey Prosser of
Coastal Community Radio and Dan Murphy of Feile Tilting.

October 23: The Network 14 Hour with Mallary McGrath, Ivan and Fred
features a chat with Kelly Russell of Radio Bell Island and Barry
Rooke from Guelph. We also featured Mallary's interview with John Crosbie.