Note: This page dates from 2009. Staff from
the Rural Secretariat, MUN and Ryakuga met to discuss the
potential of community media in rural NL.
This informal discussion group was called the Rural
Communication Sustainability Initiative.

The big picture is a communication strategy
to engage 509,200 people.

The picture changes if we refocus to only include
participatory communication (do-it-ourselves) with dialogue.

Essentially there are four communication layers:

1. Within professional and special interest groups
2. Between professional and special interest groups
3. Professional and special interest group
facilitation of communication with the public
4. Public discussion (unfacilitated).

Communication tools, from a meeting room to an i-phone,
are used to enable discussion.
There is a link below to a list of potential
communication tools.

During citizen engagement projects
in the 1990s, we developed Community Communication
Needs, Skills and Resources Assessments.
See the link below.

Is NL primarily an oral culture?
(as suggested by Doug House - Against the Tide, p. 43)
If so, this would have to inform any communication strategy.

Needs, Skills, Resources

Communication Tools

Steps to Regional
Rural Radio

Social Networking

Communication Layers
Sharing Our Future

Community Television

Rural Broadband

Community Media Centres

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