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Voice of Bonne Bay
Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre
Box 236
Norris Point, NL
A0K 3V0

We broadcast the Voice of Bonne Bay
from the old cottage hospital in Norris Point (May 14 - 25).

The webcast was enabled for 8 days,
23 hours, 55 minutes and 15 seconds.

It should be stressed that we are webcasting
from a rural area - we try to ensure that dial up
listeners are supported so we use a highly compressed
mono audio stream. Some day we will have
rural "high speed" and we will bring you "high quality" stereo
- maybe video as well.

Note: Ten years later, in 2018 the official site of VOBB is: The Voice of Bonne Bay was webcast
- 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. Here's what you had to do
to listen in.

First you must have QuickTime player installed
on your computer - WIMP or REAL won't work.
If you hear music now, it is not the webcast,
but it means you already have QuickTime
installed on your computer.

If you have music playing,
go straight to step two : )

Thanks to Peter Gnemmi and Fred Shepherd
for suggesting improved instructions for listening in.

Step 1: Click here to download QuickTime
(if you don't already have it.

Step 2: Windows users right click on this
web address, and select copy.

(No web address until we webcast live again)

Step 3: Open QuickTime player
and under file - open url.

Step 4: Paste in the web address.

Step 5: Enjoy : )

QuickTime is a free download -
we will ensure the audio stream will be compatible
with dial-up internet connections.

Click on the logo to download a free QuickTime player.

Now, with QuickTime player installed - open the software
- file/open url - and type in:

(No web address until we webcast live again)

Ryakuga and the Community - University Research for Recovery Alliance
is partnered with the Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival,
the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital Heritage Corporation;
and the the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre,
the Town Council of Norris Point
to bring you the Voice of Bonne Bay
from May 16 to 25. Stay tuned for more information.

The purpose of this web site is to provide information
for people who want to listen to the webcast
of the FM broadcast on 102.5 Stereo FM.

The broadcast from the Julia Ann Walsh Heritage Centre
is simultaneously webcast
as QuickTime Streaming Audio.

If you have QuickTime installed on your computer,
you can click on the photo to listen to Champagne Waltz
by Ron Formanger (Gerry on guitar). If the wind is right,
you may be listening to it now. You can also
start up QuickTime as an application and open this
url -

Click here to link to CURRA

Read more about Ryakuga FM Radio Simulcasts
and Gros Morne Youth TV.

Link to a QuickTime tutorial.

Download a 1.1 MB e-newsletter: Ryakuga Simulcast.

Thanks to the Victoria FreeNet for their ongoing support.

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