In the fall of 2002 The Conservation Corps
Newfoundland and Labrador sponsored an FM radio
broadcast/internet webcast in St. John's. It was
the first broadcast to feature remote broadcasts
from events around the city.

The Burnt Islands Sharing Our Future Community
Media youth produced a community radio/webcast program
in 2002 and again in 2003. The town applied for a licence
and has been on air since 2006.

In early 2003 The Community Education Network
sponsored a series of ten community radio broadcasts/webcasts
throughout souwest Newfoundland. Enlarging the
Circle/Engrandir le Cercle sought to recruit more
local people in the community forum process.
The project was sponsored by the federal
Rural Secretariat.

Tuning in to Climate Change used a participatory
communication process to catalyze increased public
awareness and discussion of the climate change issue.
The communication tools are community radio and the internet.
The project began in Kippens in April; moved to Corner
Brook in May and Terra Nova National Park in August. The
final event was in St. John's in October, 2003.

During the summer of 2003 the Bay St. George South Area
Development Association obtained a community radio license.
The association broadcast and webcast its annual meeting in

What happened next?