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October 2, 2012
India and Norris Point, NL

Prateep Nayak was able to participate in his conference session in rural NL, thanks to the collaboration of Ryakuga and VOBB.

CURRA hosted an International Symposium: Rebuilding Collapsed Fisheries and Threatened Communities, October 1 - 4, 2012.

More photos from the session.

In May the Rural Secretariat, the Flat Bay Band Council and Ryakuga collaborated to interactively and simultaneously join three Provincial Apprenticeship Forums - in Stephenville, Grand Falls and Labrador City - of the Department of Advanced Education And Skills.

Click here for photos from the forums.

The Rural Secretariat and the Department of Advanced Education And Skills first used Turning Point technology at a St. John's forum in March to elicit participant feedback and input for the NL apprenticeship process.

In January the Rural Secretariat, the Flat Bay Band Council and Ryakuga collaborated to interactively join three meetings of the RS Regional Councils in Corner Brook, Gander and St. John's.

The experiment was to determine how the Rural Secretariat can use community accessible microtechnologies to decentralize and collapse distances through virtual space.

We used a combination of software videoconferencing; data projectors and screens; digital video cameras, and wireless microphones.

Photos from the session.

Videographer Contessa LasSaga worked with us on behalf of the Flat Bay Band Council. Click on the photo to link to the band's website.

Ryakuga has been experimenting with software video conferencing since 1996. This communication tool became integral to the virtual office concept during the Enlarging the Circle project in 2003.

Link to the 2003 guide.

Interactive Rooms now utilizes Microsoft Skype. Enlarging the Circle's virtual office.

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