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Our goal is to incrementally develop a library of resources on the theory
and practice of participatory, grassroots community initiatives whether
in the fields of communication; education, health; economic development
or environment. All documents are copyright of their respective authors.

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Constructing Identity Through Community Radio: Community Building in Newfoundland and Ireland. Erin McKee's Master of Women's Studies thesis, Memorial University, April, 2012.

Benefits of Community Radio and Participatory Communications to Rural Regions in Newfoundland and Labrador. Erin McKee's report for the Regional Communication for Sustainability Initiative, July 2011.

WSIS/WGIG Internet Governance - November 2005. Experiencing the Information Society: four Internet futures. As the author, Garth Graham says - "From a community networking point of view, I have been working to summarize positions in the public dialogue on Internet Governance. When the key drivers of people's actions on public policy are even more highly ambiguous than normal, I have sometimes found scenario construction to be a useful analytical tool. So I tried that out on the IG issue." This article is on the Telecommunities Canada site in multiple formats.

Developing Participatory Practice: Grassroots Leadership in Family Resource Programs by Beverley Kirby. Bev is the director of the Community Education Network.

Ivan Emke's presentation to the Senate Standing Committee on Transportation and Communication in St. John's on April 18, 2005.

What Rural people are saying about Rural Community Development by Joseph Palacio. The issues presented here are universal in the practice of rural community development.

Tuning in to Climate Change. Final report by Janet MacDonald. (2004)

Enlarging the Circle. Final report by Chris Cann and Fred Campbell. (2003)

Sharing Our Future. Final report by Fred Campbell. (2002)

The Report of the 1990 Youth for Social Justice Camp at Gros Morne, Newfondland. More than 90 youth from all over the world attended this popular education event.

The report of the second Youth, the Environment and the Economy conference in Stephenville. This was another popular education event attended by about 140 youth.

Speaking Of Fish by Bruce Gilbert. This paper reflects Bruce's personal experience as a Memorial University Extension Service fieldworker. One interesting focus is the use of popular theatre in rural community development.

Thinking Out Loud by Ivan Emke. Dr. Emke's research in rural communities is a welcome adddition to the practice of participatory communications in sou'west Newfoundland.

Cultural Retrieval among the Garifuna in Belize by Joseph Palacio. We first met Dr. Palacio at Cultural Retrieval Project 2 in Belize. The importance of cultural retrieval and cultural identity is a basic principle of the work of Ryakuga.

In Their Own Image by Ivan Emke. Dr. Emke once moderated a web discussion board on issues presented in this paper.

Communication For Survival Report by Bruce Gilbert and Fred Campbell. CFS is an experiment in participatory rural community communications that was funded from 1995 to 1997.

Speak Out, Talk Back, Say Something! by Fred Campbell and Friends. These tips on do-it-ourselves communications for community groups are also a call to action.

Community Television Guide by Fred Campbell. This guide focuses on the community television forum as a tool for discussion of local issues and cultural celebration.

A Re-consideration of the Native American and African Roots of Garifuna Identity by Joseph Palacio. Dr. Palacio presented this paper at Tuskegee University . He intends to revise the paper before print publication.

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