Extension Service field workers at a Salmonier Line retreat, 1990.

By 1972, the Extension Service had become a major force in the province.
Apart from its achievements on Fogo Island, it had nurtured into live thirty-three local
development associations and community improvement committees, the first fledgling democracies
in outport Newfoundland. Its fieldworkers, a team of hard driving idealists, operated on every
coast and in Labrador. The Service organized courses on everything from art appreciation and tourist
development to public speaking and business administration for a public that ranged from police constables
and bank clerks to union organizers and co-op administrators. It fulfilled in every act Smallwood's old dream
of a "people's university".

(Richard Gwyn, Smallwood: The Unlikely Revolutionary, p 312)

Newfoundland and Labrador's Extension Service was eliminated in March, 1991 (just before the closure of the cod fishery) - click here for more information.