December 17:

    We plan to begin Network 19 at 6 pm NL time.

    Click here to link to the webcast at 6 pm.

    The URL is The program will begin as we virtual chat with Mallary McGrath and Dan Murphy.

    We are focusing on rural participatory volunteer do-it-ourselves
    development - participatory networking.

    Focusing on 2019 events:

    1. Cottage Conference

    2. Feile Tilting 2019 - Marconi 2020

    3. Women in Municipal Politics - MNL Award for Branch Mayor.

    4. Cape St. Mary's Facilitated Stakeholders Discussion.

    Our chat today will follow with a playlist of recordings related to

    the focus areas.

    By combining the internet radio Network 19 with a living website we hope

    to add more voices to the discussion.

    1. Link to Feile Tilting 19 website.

    2. Marconi 20/20.

    3. Women in Municipal Politics.

    4. Town of Branch.

    5. Cape St. Mary's Facilitated Stakeholders Discussion.

    6. Cottage Conference.

    December 12 update:

    Network 19 will be happening in December - beginning in the morning with archived
    programs and going live in the evening with host Mallary McGrath.

    This year we are expanding the theme from networking participatory community media to Networking
    in Newfoundland and Labrador - with a focus on rural participatory volunteer do-it-ourselves
    development - participatory networking.

    We are looking forward to the nineth NL meeting of people interested in the practice
    of participatory networking.

    A new twist is we are planning a stand alone one day virtual chat using internet radio
    and social media as our medium.

    Reaching Out for Network 19:

    Network 19 is scheduled sometime in October to December. The internet radio website

    This year - and building on the unconference methodology of the first gathering in 2011 -
    we will be reaching out globally for suggestions.

    To participate by phone (or ask questions or make written comments) contact
    To become a Skype participant request contact from Skype name ryakuga
    We would like to hear reports from ongoing community media initiatives and/or have a chat
    about anything dealing with community media.

    Network 19 is the unfunded and virtual annual unconference of NL community media volunteers
    (founded at the Bonne Bay Cottage Hospital in 2011).

    Over the years we have added volunteers from internet radio and community television;
    we are also reaching out to community newsletters and community social media.

    Some program ideas discussed so far include:

    1. Marconi 20/20:

    2. Chats with NL community media: VOBB; Radio Bell Island; Miawpukek; Coastal
    Community Radio; BAY TV; BBS, and more.

    3. Discuss corporate foreign ownership of our media.

    4. Continue to discuss civic participation and community media.

    Click here to read Mallary McGrath's 25 Reasons to Support Community Media.

    "Community radio has proved to be one of the best media of communication and agenda setting
    at the grass-root level."

    (UNESCO, Good Governance, 2005)