On August 5, 6, and 7 the Marine Interpretation Centre
at Terra Nova National Park was home base for Tuning In
To Climate Change - a community radio broadcast/webcast from
The Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador, Terra Nova
National Park, and Ryakuga Grassroots Communications.

Link to Darren Feltham's pictures from the first day of the broadcast.

Click here to see Terry McNeil's photos.

Listeners in the Terra Nova area tuned in to 104.7FM -
people outside our listening area could log on and
listen at www.conservationcorps.nf.ca or www.ryakuga.org.

We were on the air from 11am to 7pm each day.
There was live music, games and workshops,
along with chats with Park staff, local groups,
youth and lots more.

Click to see Tuesday's schedule.

Wednesday's schedule.

Thursday's schedule.

Link to archived MP4 audio files from earlier

See more photos of the Marine Interpretation Centre.

The Terra Nova Tuning in to Climate Change webcast
was highly compressed QuickTime audio through a rural
telephone connection. If you want to listen to one of
our webcasts, you would be advised to download the
free player and setup before the event. In St. John's
time you will be able to listen over a dial up connection
and older versions of QuickTime. Before you needed a high
speed connection and QuickTime 6.

Our next event is in St. John's in October.

Download free Quicktime 6.

QuickTime Tutorial.

The Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador
and Ryakuga are partnering in Tuning in to Climate
Change - an innovative communications project designed
to increase public awareness. This project began in April
2003. Click here to ask questions or post comments. The discussion boards were attacked and discontinued in 2006.