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The story of a Newfoundland and Labrador corporation destroying the environment of a tiny Central American country is ten years old.

Check out this Save the Rainforest website all about stopping Fortis' dam.


CBC News: (2002) Disclosure investigates a big fuss about a small river and a hydro dam in Belize. What's at stake is the feeding and breeding area for a number of threatened and exotic animals. And what's really got environmentalists upset is the Canadian foreign aid dollars that are being used to justify the building of the dam.

H. Stanley Marshall
President and CEO, Fortis, Inc.
P.O. Box 8837
Suite 1201, Fortis Building
139 Water Street
St. John's, Newfoundland
A1B 3T2

About 17 years ago, Fortis, through its subsidiary, Belize Electricity Limited, submitted its proposal to build Chalillo as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment, to the Department of Environment. The findings of the wildlife studies done by the Natural History Museum of London, include the fact that the Chalillo dam would harm the Meso-American biological Corridor, and threaten dozens of IUCN and CITES listed rare and endangered species. According to environmentalists, BEL has buried the NHM's findings in a 5-volume EIA, and concocted "mitigation measures" which are not supported by any reputable scientists' research.

A Letter to NEAC from Alastair Rogers: 17/10/01

A Letter to NEAC from Belizean Expatriates

A Letter from Alan Rabinowitz: 9/10/01

Hiding in plain sight: The Reporter Daily News: 9/02/01 (A report on CIDAs Environmental Impact Assessment)


Background Information

Earth Day Press Release

Belize Environmentalists' Release

Environmental Fact Sheet

Economic fact Sheet

Scientists' Letter to Fortis

Nature at risk: sounds of the Macal River valley. QuickTime streaming audio. A free player can be downloaded from the links below.

Lorraine Michael of St. John's, a former member of the Belize-newfoundland Linkage, speaks her mind about Fortis' plan to build a dam in the rain forest. QuickTime streaming audio.

Nerwfoundland environmentalist Neil Tilley objects to the proposed Chalillo Dam. QuickTime streaming audio.

Save the Scarlet Macaw - Stop the Chalillo Dam. A five minute QuickTime streaming video.

Story of the Belize Newfoundland Linkage by Roger Carter. Through the 80s and early 90s, groups and institutions from Belize and Newfoundland worked together as an international linkage project. CUSO, a Canadian international development agency, provided funding for the linkage because of the many common goals and issues shared by Belizeans and Newfoundlanders. The Belize Newfoundland Linkage focused on such issues as a sustainable fishery; cooperatives; community development and cultural retrieval.

Something Old, Something New. Cultural Project 2, Hopkins Village, Belize, 1989, was videotaped thanks to the Belize-Newfoundland Linkage. This is a QuickTime Video - links to a free player are found below.

Memo from Bacongo.

Challilo could flood Maya ruins: The Reporter Daily News: 5/18/01

Belize Zoo photos of the Macal River Valley.

Prince Edward Island environmentalists protest the dam.

Link to Probe International. Check out Probe Alert.

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